Test Your Knowledge: Ghanaian Educational Reforms Quiz!

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Hello educators and knowledge enthusiasts! 🌟

Before you take this quiz:

  1. Make sure you have read this interesting piece that captures all THE MAJOR EDUCATIONAL REFORMS that have happened since 1951.
  2. Listen to the accompanying audios that simplifies how the reforms occurred.

If you missed those materials, don’t worry, you can always come back to them for reference here:

You can also familiarize yourself with the important legal documents that dictates how educational issues are handled in Ghana.

Click here to READ: (5 important legal documents that rule the world of education in Ghana.)

How well-knowledgeable are you with the important changes that have happened since the dawn of educational reform in 1951?

Good News:

The good news is that this quiz will prepare you adequately as a Teacher in Ghana, especially if you are preparing for the Teacher Promotion Exam. It delves into the key milestones, policies, and shifts that have defined Ghana’s educational journey so far.

This quiz is your ticket to a deeper understanding of Ghana’s commitment to fostering quality education.


  1. Click on the Quiz link to access the questions here
  2. Carefully read each question and select the most appropriate answer
  3. Don’t forget to hit “Submit” at the end to see how your marks

Why Take the Quiz?

Do you really want to:

  1. Challenge yourself and test your knowledge about educational reforms in Ghana.
  2. Gain insights into the historical context and evolution of the Ghanaian education system.
  3. Discover areas where you might want to explore further or brush up on.

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