Professional Teacher Associations in Ghana

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Professional teacher associations in Ghana play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of their members. These associations are recognized by law and work to promote the interests and welfare of teachers across various educational institutions.

It should be noted that the basic level of education in Ghana has the highest number of teachers.

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is an association for teachers in pre-tertiary public institutions. GNAT is recognized by the Ghana Education Service Act (Act 506 of 1995) and was established in 1960. GNAT is tasked with seeking and promoting the interests and welfare of its members in accordance with the law.

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Major Functional Executive Bodies in GNAT

The functional executive bodies apply to almost all other associations. They include;

  • National Chairman
  • General Secretary
  • National Trustees
  • Regional Secretaries and Chairmen
  • District Secretaries and Chairmen
  • Local Secretaries and Chairmen

GNAT operates at five levels in Ghana: school, local, district, regional, and national. Its headquarters is in Accra, with regional and district headquarters located in the respective regional and district capitals.

Functions of GNAT

  • Serving as the official authoritative mouthpiece of teachers in pre-tertiary institutions.
  • Ensuring quality teaching and learning in public pre-tertiary institutions by providing tables, chairs, and learning materials for needy schools.
  • Promoting professional and academic competency among teachers through workshops and seminars. GNAT also organizes classes to help prepare teachers for WAEC examinations to upgrade their qualifications.
  • Ensuring discipline among teachers.
  • Encouraging teachers to upgrade their knowledge through distance learning programs.
  • Promoting teachers’ welfare through collective bargaining for enhanced conditions of service.
  • Promoting girl-child education through the formation of GNAT Ladies Association (GNAT-LAS), which serves as role models for girls.
  • Serving on various Ghana Education Service (GES) and government committees.
  • Handling matters concerning teachers, such as representing GNAT in the GES Council and the Salaries Management Board for negotiation purposes.

GNAT maintains special relationships with international teachers’ organizations such as the Canadian Teachers Federation and the All African Teachers Union.

National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) was established in 1998 to advocate for the rights of graduate teachers in public pre-tertiary institutions. The new Education Act of 2008 gives recognition to teacher associations, and NAGRAT is represented on committees on a rotational basis. The enactment of NAGRAT took place at ST. Louis College of Education.

Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ghana (CCT-GH)

Another significant group is the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ghana (CCT-GH), established in 2013 to address various concerns of teachers.

Subject Associations in Ghana

Ghana also has several subject-specific associations, including:

  • Mathematics Association of Ghana (MAG)
  • Ghana Association of Teachers of English (GATE)
  • Ghana Association of French Teachers (GAFT)
  • Ghana Association of Business Education Teachers (GABET)
  • Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GASC)

Other Associations

Additional associations include:

  • University Association of Teachers in Ghana (UTAG)
  • Polytechnic Association of Teachers in Ghana (POTAG)
  • Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union (TEWU)

Despite their critical roles, professional associations in Ghana are often associated with their frequent demonstrations and advocacy efforts.

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