Is Key and Stamps Duplication Legal in Ghana? – Be Informed!

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately needed to make a duplicate copy of a missing or spoilt key, or perhaps it was the official stamp you use at your workplace?

Is key or stamps duplication legal in Ghana? Does one need a license to cut keys in Ghana? Is there a law that speaks about key duplication? Which agency in Ghana is responsible for ensuring that the laws covering key and stamps duplications are properly adhered to?

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Genuine Situations that Requires Cutting Keys Sometimes

Well, the Ministry of the Interior has begun a nationwide exercise to monitor and sensitise all operations of Key Cutters, Rubber Stamp Operators, Private Security Organisations (PSOs), and Seal Operators in Ghana.

According to the ministry, the monitoring exercise is to streamline activities of the operators, sensitise operators on the laws governing the services and the sanctions for failing to register or license their businesses with the Ministry of the Interior.

The Head of Public Affairs of the Ministry, Alhaji Zakari Musah who spoke to the operators during the exercise stated that the move to conduct a nationwide monitoring exercise by officials of the Ministry in conjunction with the Ghana Police Service, is critical to ensure compliance to the Laws which constitutes the legal basis of the services rendered by the Ministry.

Locksmithing, also known as Key Cutting operations in Ghana is regulated by an Act called the Locksmiths (Licensing) Act, 1994 Act 488.

The law makes it clear that a person shall not engage in the business of making locks, repairing locks or cutting keys unless that person is granted a license by the Minister.

We know now that it is an offence in Ghana to operate without registering or licensing with the Ministry of the Interior before embarking on key cutting, rubber stamp and seals operations as well as private security businesses.

Alhaji Musah, therefore urged all players within the sector to register or renew their licenses to regularize their operations with the Ministry to avoid sanctions.

He explained that Section 38 (1) of the Police Service Act, 1970 (Act 350) and Regulation 5 of L.I. 1571 (1992) forms the legal basis for the Ministry’s engagement in the licensing and monitoring of the activities of PSOs.

According to the Ministry, the exercise, which started in 2023 will continue till the end of 2024.

Therefore, all players within the sector are requested to abide by the guidelines governing their operations and comply with the directive to avoid sanctions.

I’m sure the next time you need someone to cut your key for you, you make sure to see one that is duly registered to ensure your own security.

GH EDUCATE DOT COM would like to seize this opportunity to caution all persons operating within the sector especially key cutters and rubbers stamp operators to as a matter of urgency get registered before the Ministry visits their outfits to avoid being cut off.

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