Grateful for Over 5 Years as CEO of MTN Ghana: A True Blessing – Selorm Adadevoh

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In a special edition of Bright Conversations on Monday, January 29, 2024, the outgoing CEO, Mr. Selorm Adadevoh of MTN Ghana, expressed that guiding the forefront for the prominent telecommunications company in the country has been a true blessing.

I’ve consistently trusted in my capability to steer strategic initiatives; the only condition left was an environment to actualize them. My journey in this dynamic industry has seen me progress steadily, moving from one level to the next. Engaging with a multitude of stakeholders has broadened my professional horizons and also added invaluable layers to my experience in this incredible field.

During the special Bright Conversations session, the CEO of MTN Ghana extended gratitude to the individuals and affiliates he collaborated with throughout his tenure of 5 years and 9 months. His acknowledgment emphasized the value of collective efforts and shared experiences in shaping his journey.

He noted that MTN Ghana has seen a fourfold revenue growth and a sixfold increase in profitability. Stressing this achievement, he emphasized that it was the result of exceptional teamwork among all stakeholders involved.

He reiterated that MTN Ghana is committed to maintaining its position as the leading telecommunication network in the country. Mr. Adadevoh emphasized that the company will continue to provide dynamic and consumer-friendly services. He stressed that MTN Ghana’s dedication to serving the people of Ghana and emphasized the steady commitment to fulfilling this obligation.

Mr. Stephen Blewett assumes the role of the next CEO of MTN Ghana, succeeding Mr. Adadevoh. Before stepping into the position of CEO effective 1st April, 2024. He has held CEO roles in both Benin and Cameroon, showcasing a wealth of leadership experience across different markets within the telecommunications sector.

His Subsequent Role in MTN

Upon concluding his tenure as the CEO of MTN Ghana, Mr. Selorm Adadevoh is ready to assume the role of Chief Commercial Officer at MTN Group. This transition follows the departure of Jens Schulte-Bockum, who will be concluding his term as Group Operating Officer in March 2024.

Mr. Adadevoh anticipates both challenges and excitement in his new position. Having cultivated his leadership skills during his tenure as the CEO of MTN Ghana and drawing upon his extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, he looks forward to embracing the dynamics of this fresh challenge.

His optimistic outlook stems from the belief that his accumulated expertise will help him overcome the complexities of the Chief Commercial Officer role and also contribute to the success of MTN Group.

Mr. Raph Mupita, the CEO of MTN Group, extended congratulations to both Mr. Selorm Adadevoh and Mr. Stephen Blewett on their recent appointments. Recognizing their invaluable contributions, he expressed sincere wishes for success in their new roles and encouraged them to dedicate their efforts in aiding MTN to realize its Strategic Ambition by 2025.

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