GES Director General’s 2-Day Capacity Building Workshop for SHTS Heads in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

Picture of Dr. Eric Nkansah and Dr. William Kwame Amankra Appiah

Dr. Eric Nkansah, the Director General for Ghana Education Service (GES), hosted a two-day capacity-building workshop for Head Teachers of Senior High and Senior High Technical Schools in the Ashanti region of Ghana. This significant event aimed at enhancing the leadership skills and administrative capacities of these educational leaders, ensuring they are well-equipped to manage their institutions effectively.

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The workshop saw the participation of several distinguished individuals, including Mr. Stephen Kwaku Owusu, the Deputy Director General in charge of Management Services, Dr. William Kwame Amankrah Appiah, the Ashanti Regional Education Director, other directors from the GES Headquarters, and numerous SHTS Heads

Dr. William Kwame Amankrah Appiah, the Regional Education Director in the Ashanti region, opened the event by welcoming Dr. Eric Nkansah and all other attendees. In his address, Dr. Appiah highlighted the critical nature of the workshop and encouraged all participants, particularly the SHTS Heads, to use the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge. He emphasized the potential impact of the training on their professional development and the overall improvement of their schools.

Picture of Mr. James Appiah - BOSTECH Head and Others
Mr. James Appiah – BOSTECH Head and Others SHTS Heads

Dr. Eric Nkansah, in his keynote address, stressed the importance of active participation in the workshop’s activities. He outlined the workshop’s agenda and the necessity for all attendees to engage fully with the sessions. His address set the tone for a productive and collaborative learning environment, emphasizing that the skills and knowledge gained would directly benefit their institutions.

Throughout the two days, the workshop covered a range of topics essential for effective school management. The training sessions, led by Dr. Nkansah and other GES directors, included strategic management, legal issues in education, guidance and counseling, and an overview of the Public Financial Management (PFM) Act. These topics were carefully chosen to address the current challenges faced by school heads and to equip them with practical tools and strategies for improvement.

Picture of Mr. Stephen Kwaku Owusu
Mr. Stephen Kwaku Owusu – Deputy Director General in-charge of Management Services

The sessions on strategic management focused on developing long-term plans that align with the educational goals of the GES. Legal issues in education provided insights into the regulatory framework governing schools, ensuring that head teachers are well-versed in compliance and governance.

Guidance and counseling sessions aimed to equip school heads with the skills to support their students’ emotional and academic needs effectively. The overview of the PFM Act was particularly crucial, as it provided head teachers with the knowledge to manage their schools’ finances transparently and efficiently.

The success of this two-day capacity-building workshop reflects GES’s commitment to strengthening the leadership within its schools and ensuring that head teachers are well-prepared to meet the challenges of modern education, Dr. Nkansah emphasized.

Dr. Nkansah concluded the workshop with an inspiring message, expressing his eagerness to engage the next cohort of school heads.

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