Sports Ministry Assures 13th Africa Games Medalists of Timely Bonus Payment Despite Delay

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The Ghanaian athletes who clinched medals at the recently concluded 13th African Games have voiced their disappointment regarding the delay in receiving their due bonuses. This discontent arises from the fact that the agreed-upon time frame, established in March 2024, for the payment of bonuses has not been adhered to. Athletes have expressed their concerns, highlighting that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is lagging behind in fulfilling its obligation to disburse these bonuses. They urgently appeal to the Ministry to expedite the payment process.

Ghana’s performance at the 13th Africa Games, hosted in Accra, Ghana, was historic, securing a total of 69 medals, comprising 19 Gold, 29 Silver, and 21 Bronze. These achievements demonstrate the dedication and hard work of Ghanaian athletes in representing their country on the continental stage.

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The Ministry had previously announced the bonus amounts for the various medal categories: Gold medals will be rewarded with Gh₵ 3,000, Silver medals with Gh₵ 2,000, and Bronze medals with Gh₵ 1,000. These bonuses serve as an important form of recognition and encouragement for the athletes’ outstanding performances and contributions to national pride.

Despite the delay, the Ministry has assured the medalists that steps have been initiated to address the issue. They urge the athletes to exercise patience as the process is underway. Furthermore, the Ministry emphasizes that authorities are diligently working to expedite the completion of the payment process and ensure that the athletes receive their bonuses in due time.

In acknowledgment of the inconvenience caused by the delay, the Ministry extends its sincere apology to the medalists. They recognize the importance of honoring commitments promptly and express regret for any inconvenience caused to the athletes as a result of the delayed payment of their bonuses.

In light of the athletes’ grievances, it is imperative that the Ministry takes swift action to rectify the situation and ensure that the athletes receive their bonuses without further delay. This will not only address the immediate concerns of the athletes but also uphold the integrity of the government’s commitments and obligations.

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