GES Director General Pledges to Sponsor Akosua Adjei Boateng’s Tertiary Education

Picture of GES Director General, Dr. Eric Nkansah

Dr. Eric Nkansah, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), has pledged to sponsor Akosua Adjei Boateng’s tertiary education. This commendable decision was made following his meeting with Akosua Adjei Boateng at his office, where she was celebrated for her exceptional academic achievements, particularly being awarded in the WAEC Distinction Awards as the best Technical student in Ghana.

Akosua Adjei Boateng, a former student of Juaso Senior High Technical School in Juaso-Ashanti, emerged as the overall best student in the Technical program. Her academic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, with her securing an impressive 8As. However, despite her outstanding performance, she faced significant financial obstacles that prevented her from continuing her education at the tertiary level. This situation deeply saddened Dr. Eric Nkansah, prompting him to take decisive action.

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“I was profoundly moved upon learning that Akosua, an orphan, could not pursue her tertiary education due to financial constraints,” Dr. Nkansah emphasized. Understanding the importance of education and recognizing Akosua’s potential, he decided to personally sponsor her tertiary education, allowing her to study the course of her choice.

“As a native of Juaso, I felt immense pride in Akosua Adjei Boateng’s achievements, Dr. Eric Nkansah stressed.

Dr. Nkansah hosted Akosua, her immediate family, and the Head of Juaso Senior High Technical School in his office. The meeting was aimed at understanding Akosua’s career choices and her plans for the future. “I am convinced that Akosua will excel in her tertiary education, and I am humbled to be a part of her journey,” Dr. Nkansah remarked.

Akosua Adjei Boateng’s story is an inspiring example of how academic excellence can transcend barriers with the right support. Her journey from Juaso Senior High Technical School to being recognized as the best Technical student in Ghana is a remarkable achievement. With Dr. Nkansah’s sponsorship, Akosua now has the opportunity to further her education and achieve her career goals.

Akosua’s future now looks brighter, thanks to the GES Director General, who is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of young Ghanaians.

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