Besoro Methodist Primary Visits District Director of Education After Securing Victory in Sekyere Kumawu District’s Under-13 Inter-Circuit Gala.

photo of Besoro Methodist Primary Under-13 boys

The Sekyere Kumawu District came alive on Friday, 1st March 2024, as the vibrant atmosphere of sportsmanship and youthful exuberance filled the Kumawu Chief Park during the Under-13 Inter-Circuit Gala Competition. The event showcased the prowess of young talents from various circuits, bringing together promising athletes and spirited participants from the Besoro, Banko, Bodomase, Dadease, and Oyoko circuits.

Before the official commencement of the Gala Competition, the air was charged with anticipation as the winning schools from each circuit proudly assembled at the venue. Besoro Methodist Primary, representing the Besoro Circuit, Banko D/A Primary from Banko Circuit, Bodomase Methodist Primary representing Bodomase Circuit, and Oyoko Methodist Primary from Dadease Circuit, all stood ready to compete for glory. These schools had already proven their mettle by emerging as champions within their respective circuits during the preliminary rounds.

The carefully organized games unfolded according to the schedule set by the event organizers. A notable highlight was the exceptional performance of Besoro Methodist Primary Under-13 boys, who managed to clinch victory in all their matches effortlessly. Their remarkable display on the field showcased not only their skillfulness but also their unwavering determination to succeed. The boys’ ability to secure success without facing significant challenges underscored their commitment to excellence in sports.

Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim’s Pledge of Support and Encouragement for the Schools

photo of Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim
Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim, MP for Kumawu Constituency

Realising the outstanding achievement of Besoro Methodist Primary, Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim, the Member of Parliament for Kumawu Constituency, pledged to honor the boys for their commendable performance. In a show of support and encouragement, Hon. Yaw Anim addressed all the students present, emphasizing the importance of balancing academics and talents. He assured the students of his steadfast support in both academic and co-curricular activities, reaffirming his commitment to the holistic development of the schools within his Constituency.

Besoro Methodist Primary’s Visit to the Director of Education

After securing victory in the Under-13 Gala, following a 3-1 defeat from Banko D/A Primary, the triumphant team from Besoro embarked on a visit to the District Director of Education in the Sekyere Kumawu District. The purpose of their visit was to formally present themselves and the prestigious trophy to the Director. The Director, visibly enthused by the team’s accomplishment, commended their exceptional performance and encouraged them to continue excelling. He emphasized the significance of heeding the instructions of their teachers, urging them to aim for success in the upcoming Zonal Under-13 Gala, which was yet to be hosted.

photo of Sports Coordinator with 2 Besoro Under-13 star players
Sports Coordinator with 2 Besoro Under-13 star players

Expressing gratitude, the Director extended his congratulations to all the boys, acknowledging the pivotal role played by the teachers of Besoro Methodist Primary and the Circuit Organizers for the Besoro Circuit. The Director stated that the collaborative efforts of teachers, organizers, and students were instrumental in ensuring the success of the Under-13 Inter-Circuit Gala Competition in the Sekyere Kumawu District.

The success of Besoro Methodist Primary in the competition will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for other schools, reinforcing the notion that dedication, skill, and teamwork are the keys to success on and off the field.

Gh Educate extends congratulations to Besoro Methodist Primary and wishes them success in the yet to be hosted Zonal Under-13 Gala.

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