Kumawu MP and DCE Join Compassion Int. Ghana & KACCYD to Donate Furniture to Kumawu Anglican Primary and JHS

Picture of Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim and Hon. Samuel Addae Agyekum

Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim, Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumawu Constituency and Hon. Samuel Addae Agyekum, District Chief Executive (DCE) for Kumawu District, joined forces with the Kumawu Anglican Child and Youth Development Centre (CACCYD) in partnership with Compassion International Ghana, to donate furniture (student desks, teachers’ tables, and chairs) to the Kumawu Anglican Primary & Junior High School (JHS).

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The event was a significant milestone for the school community, bringing together various stakeholders who play pivotal roles in the educational sector. Among the notable attendees were Mr. Kwame Oduro-Owusu, the District Director of Education, along with his team, the Anglican Father, Rep. from the Traditional Council, the headteachers of both the Anglican Primary and JHS, teachers, parents, and, most importantly, the students who will benefit directly from this generous donation.

Picture of Furniture for Kumawu Anglican Primary and JHS

During the ceremony, the District Director of Education, the DCE, and the MP expressed their profound gratitude to Compassion International Ghana and the Kumawu Anglican Child and Youth Development Centre. They emphasized the importance of such donations in enhancing the educational infrastructure of the school. The new furniture is expected to create a more conducive learning environment, thereby improving the overall educational experience for the students.

Picture of Hon. Ernest Anim

Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim took the opportunity to address the audience, highlighting the critical need for continued support from benevolent individuals and groups. He called on the community and philanthropic organizations to keep contributing towards addressing the infrastructure deficits and educational challenges within the district. According to Hon. Anim, these generous gestures are essential for fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for the students in realizing their full potential.

He emphasized that education is a collective responsibility and that the support from various stakeholders is crucial for the development of the district. Hon. Anim stressed that providing essential resources such as desks and chairs, play a vital role in ensuring that students have access to quality education in a conducive environment. This, in turn, can significantly impact the academic performance and future prospects of the students.

The presence of parents and community leaders highlighted the shared commitment to improving educational outcomes for children in Kumawu.

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