Amin Mohamed Omar Appointed as Referee for Ghana vs Mali in 2026 World Cup Qualifiers

picture of Amin Mohamed Omar as referee for Ghana vs Mali match

Amin Mohamed Omar, an Egyptian, has been selected as the match referee for Ghana’s Group I qualifier in the 2026 FIFA World Cup against Mali, highlighting the global nature of football officiating.

The game is slated to take place in Bamako next month, setting the stage for a highly anticipated match performance between two formidable teams.

At the forefront of this pivotal encounter will be Omar, a 38-year-old lawyer, who will lead the proceedings alongside his compatriots: Abouelregal Mahmoud Ahmed Kamel Ahmed as Assistant I, Ibrahim Ahmed Hossameldin Taha as Assistant II, and Hassan Elghandour Ahmed as Fourth Referee. Providing crucial oversight will be the esteemed referee assessor, Abid Charef Mehdi from Algeria, ensuring that the match adheres to the highest standards of officiating.

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Serving as the Match Commissioner will be Balde Yaya from Senegal, while the security officer duties will be entrusted to Dao Brahim from Mauritania, further bolstering the organizational framework of the event. Reflecting on his previous engagements, it’s noteworthy that Omar last officiated a Black Stars game in October 2021, when Ghana emerged victorious against Zimbabwe in a World Cup qualifying match in Harare.

His extensive experience also includes overseeing the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations semi-final clash between Nigeria and South Africa on February 7, 2024, underscoring his proficiency in managing high-profile encounters.

As anticipation mounts, fans and pundits eagerly await the kickoff of the much-anticipated qualifier, scheduled for 19:00Hrs at the iconic Stade 26 Mars in Bamako on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

This appointment highlights Omar’s expertise in football officiating, with officials from diverse backgrounds coming together to ensure the smooth conduct of the game. With Omar and his team at the helm, both teams and spectators can expect a fair and professional adjudication of what promises to be an electrifying match, as the quest for World Cup qualification intensifies on the African continent.

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