New King, New Looks! – Facelift for Ashanti Regional Education Office Buildings

Impressive changes are ongoing in the pre-tertiary education sector of Ghana’s Ashanti Region.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. William Kwame Amankrah, the regional director of education for Ashanti, the region is experiencing a transformative wave in education. His staff affectionately call him “adwumawura.

Ashanti Regional Education Director – Dr. William Kwame Amankrah Appiah

In the past few months, Dr. Amankrah has spearheaded a series of development activities aimed at enhancing the quality of education across the region.

One of the standout initiatives introduced by Dr. Amankrah is the establishment of the Regional Monitoring Team (RMT). Comprising dedicated and highly experienced educators and administrators, the RMT has been tasked with the crucial mission of visiting schools throughout the region to provide support, guidance, and enforce compliance with the GES rules and regulations. Their goal? To ensure that every school in the Ashanti Region is equipped with the right set of teachers who are committed to duty.

That is just a tip of the iceburg; Dr. Amankrah’s vision extends beyond mere support. His vision is about revolutionizing the entire educational landscape. With a keen focus on innovation, he has introduced a plethora of groundbreaking ideas designed to elevate the standard of education and nurture the next generation of leaders. Dr. Amankrah is also a keen lover of technology and modern trends.

Perhaps the most visually striking aspect of Dr. Amankrah’s tenure so far is the remarkable transformation taking place at the Ashanti Regional Education Office buildings. The two-story structures which serve as offices for the Regional Education staff are undergoing a stunning facelift.

old office building of the Ashanti Regional Education Office – GH Educate

Thanks to Dr. Amankrah’s forward-thinking ideas, the education office buildings are being renovated with modern aesthetics and functional design elements.

With a significantly conspicuous art work that greets visitors just from the entrance of the premises, the renovation of the education office buildings serves as a tangible representation of the region’s dedication to providing a conducive learning environment for students, teachers, and administrators alike. It’s not just about cosmetic improvements—it’s about signaling a new era of progress and prosperity in Ashanti’s educational landscape; one spearheaded by his “Bosship” William Kwame Amankrah Appiah (D. ED)

As Dr. Amankrah continues to champion initiatives aimed at fostering educational excellence, the renovated office buildings stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the youth of the Ashanti Region. With each brushstroke and architectural flourish, the region is writing a new chapter in its educational journey—one marked by innovation, opportunity, and boundless potential.

Under Dr. Amankra’s leadership, the Ashanti Region is not just undergoing a facelift—it’s undergoing a transformation, one that promises to shape the future of education for generations to come. And as the freshly renovated office buildings stand as beacons of progress, they serve as a reminder of the region’s collective determination to build a brighter tomorrow for all.

Gh Educate’s sources revealed that there are plans also to tar the car park, put up a security post and set up an ultra modern cafeteria to serve visitors and staff alike as well as to generate some passive income for the directorate.

Indeed, with the “adwumawura” in the seat the region is sure of seeing very fascinating improvements in education in the upcoming days.

Young, dedicated, tech minded and trendy Dr. Amankrah apparently has come with a lot in the bag for the region.

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