Movement for Change Concludes Alliance with National Interest Movement and Others: Alan Declares

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The Movement for Change (M4C), spearheaded by Honorable Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, and the National Interest Movement (NIM), a coalition led by Dr. Michael Abu Sakara Foster, have successfully concluded discussions with various political entities and individuals. Their objective is to establish a formidable alliance known as the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) to collaborate closely in the upcoming 2024 General Elections in Ghana. This alliance aims to rally Ghanaians nationwide, particularly the youth and women, regardless of their religious, political, or ethnic backgrounds, to support the election of an independent candidate as the next President of Ghana.

The Focus of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC)

The primary focus of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) once in government will be to break the cycle of poverty and pave a new path towards prosperity for the nation. It seeks to challenge the long-standing dominance of the duopoly – namely, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) – in Ghanaian politics. Despite being in power for 32 years, these two parties have failed to adequately address the fundamental developmental challenges facing the country.

Guess what? The ARC Considers all and sundry

The letter released emphasized that the divisive nature of Ghanaian politics, characterized by the ‘winner takes all’ mentality, coupled with the lack of continuity in government projects under the duopoly, has inflicted severe hardships on the Ghanaian citizenry. The Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) aims to remedy this situation by fostering national unity and inclusivity. It envisions a government of national unity that incorporates representatives from various sectors, including political parties, the business community, farmers, fishermen, labor unions, faith-based organizations, traditional authorities, civil society organizations, academia, media, and other stakeholder interest groups.

A New Wave of Developments is Cooking and heating up

The Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) is committed to developing a comprehensive National Development Plan that transcends party manifestos and serves as the blueprint for Ghana’s economic transformation. To achieve this ambitious goal, the alliance will advocate for fundamental constitutional reforms, encompassing governance and public sector accountability, management of natural resources, as well as fostering mindset and attitudinal change among Ghanaians.

Official Launching Date of ARC

The official launch of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC) is scheduled for Wednesday, 17th April 2024. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards the December General Elections in Ghana. Expect more updates and surprises as the political landscape evolves.

The ARC embodies the hopes and aspirations of the Ghanaian people for a better future, stated by Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen.

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