Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim’s Free Bus Arrangement for 2024 BECE Candidates in the Kumawu Constituency

Picture of Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim free Bus for 2024 BECE Candidates

Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim, the Member of Parliament for Kumawu Constituency, has sponsored free buses to transport 2024 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates to their respective examination centers. This initiative aims to alleviate the transportation burden on students and their families, ensuring that candidates can focus solely on their examinations without the added stress of commuting.

The 2024 BECE is schedules to start from Monday, 8th July, 2024 to Monday, 15th July, 2024.

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The Kumawu District Education Directorate oversees four examination centers: Tweneboa Kodua SHS Centre, Bodomase Methodist JHS Centre, Dadease Agric SHS Centre, and Bankoman SHS Centre. The arrangement is expected to provide transportation for the candidates to and from these centers throughout the five-day examination period, ensuring timely and safe arrivals and departures.

2024 BECE Bus Arrangement for Schools According to the Centres

Bodomase Centre:

  1. Bahankra D/A JHS
  2. Besoro No. 1 JHS
  3. Besoro No. 2 JHS
  4. Temante Methodist JHS
  5. Nkwanta AME Zion JHS
  6. Woraso Presby JHS
  7. Woraso D/A JHS
  8. Aninangya Methodist JHS

TK SHS Centre:

  1. Wonoo
  2. Abotanso D/A JHS
  3. Pepease D/A JHS

Dadease Centre:

  1. Akrokyere D/A JHS
  2. Bodwease D/A JHS
  3. Asekyerewa D/A JHS
  4. Oyoko Methodist JHS
  5. Oyoko D/A JHS
  6. Oyoko SDA JHS
  7. Creative International JHS

Banko Centre:

  1. Sekyere D/A JHS
  2. Sekyere D/A Saviour JHS
  3. Sekyere Methodist JHS
  4. Wioso D/A JHS
  5. Bomeng D/A JHS
  6. Akrofoso D/A JHS
Picrure of the free buses arrangement in Kumawu Constituency

This transportation initiative reflects Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim’s commitment to education and demonstrates his understanding of the practical challenges faced by students.

In addition to the transportation arrangement, Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim will also be distributing mathematical sets to each candidate. This distribution will take place on Monday at the respective examination centers at 6:45 am. This gesture is intended to equip the students with essential tools needed for their mathematics paper and other subjects that require the use of mathematical set.

Report suggests that the initiative has been well-received by the community, with parents and educators expressing their gratitude for the support. It underscores the importance of community and governmental support in the educational sector, highlighting how targeted interventions can significantly impact students’ academic experiences and outcomes.

This transportation and support program for BECE candidates is a vital step in ensuring that every student in the Kumawu Constituency performs to the best of their abilities.

As the examination dates approach, the entire community stands behind the students, wishing them success and applauding the efforts of Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim.

Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim is wishing all the 2024 BECE candidates all the best, particularly those in his constituency.

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