Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim’s New Year Message For Kumawu Constituents

photo of hon. ernest yaw anim

The honorable Member of Parliament for Kumawu, Hon. Ernest Yaw Anim, visited Emmanuel Methodist Church in Kumawu on Sunday, December 31st, 2023, during the Watch Night Service. During this visit, he was afforded the opportunity to deliver his New Year’s message to the devoted attendees of the church and his constituents alike.

Hon. Ernest Anim delivering his new year’s message

Honorable Anim warmly extended his heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and successful New Year to each and every individual he proudly represents. He gave some helpful advice, urging everyone to stay dedicated and take initiative in this fresh year. He promised exciting plans for more progress and growth in the community.

During his speech, he reminded everyone that 2024 is a crucial election year. He emphasized the importance of staying focused and avoiding anything that could hold back progress for our constituency and the whole country. He assured everyone that he’s firmly on their side, pledging his loyalty and ensuring them of brighter times ahead.

Hon. Anim graciously expressed his profound gratitude to all those who attended the special gathering at Banko, acknowledging their presence and the significance of their participation. He took a humble stance, extending a sincere apology for any inconveniences that might have arisen during the gathering. With a sense of responsibility and commitment to the people, he assured everyone present that the planning and execution of future occasions would be meticulously done to prevent any such occurrences, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all attendees.

In his closing remarks, Hon. Anim emphatically stressed the relevance of unity and collective effort among the people, emphasizing that only through a shared commitment and hard work can the constituency achieve progress and prosperity. With a fervent appeal, he encouraged everyone to stand together in solidarity, pooling their efforts toward the advancement of their beloved constituency and the nation as a whole.

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