Ghana’s Education Uncovered: Ministry & GES Quiz Expedition

a photo on review quiz of Ghana's ministry of education and Ghana education service

Welcome to a quiz all about education in Ghana! This quiz is here to test what you know about how schools are run in Ghana by two important groups: the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES). These groups are like big teams that make rules, plans, and look after schools in Ghana. This quiz will ask questions about how these teams work, what they do, and how they help schools in Ghana. Let’s explore and learn more about how education works in Ghana by understanding the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service.

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Are you ready to test your understanding of how education functions in Ghana? Great! Let’s embark on this educational expedition and discover more about Ghana’s Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service together.

You have two options to take the test: you can scroll through the questions using the scroll button, or you can download the test by clicking the download button at the bottom.

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