Educational Concepts & Issues in the Ghana Education Service

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Understand the following concepts and issues and why they are necessary in the Ghana Education Service (GES).

  • Benefits a Teacher Enjoys in the GES

Teachers in the Ghana Education Service (GES) enjoy several benefits including study leave with pay, maternity leave, and other advantages that enhance their professional and personal lives.

  • Importance of Peer Group Influence

Peer group influence is crucial in education as it includes role modeling, peer tutoring, acquisition of leadership skills, and the reduction of inferiority complexes, all of which contribute to a supportive and productive learning environment.

  • How One Ceases to Belong to the Teaching Profession

There are several ways one can cease to belong to the teaching profession: retirement, death, permanent sickness, traveling, disciplinary actions, and vacation of post are among the primary reasons.

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  • “Don’ts” in the Conditions of Service for Teachers

Teachers are expected to adhere to certain standards, and there are specific “don’ts” in their conditions of service, such as engaging in defilement or rape, alcoholism, fighting, habitual absenteeism, and failing to prepare lesson notes or give and mark exercises.

  • Importance of Special Education for Individuals with Special Educational Needs

Special education is vital as it is a fundamental human right, creates avenues for the development of individuals with special needs, increases their self-esteem, and helps eliminate feelings of inferiority and social stigmatization.

  • Challenges in Educating Individuals with Special Educational Needs

Challenges in educating individuals with special educational needs include communication problems, a lack of teaching aids, the requirement for specialized methodology, and societal stigmatization.

  • Rights of a Ghanaian Child

A Ghanaian child is entitled to several rights including the right to life, the right to education, and the right to association, ensuring their protection and development.

  • Specific Duties of a Headteacher of a Basic School

The headteacher of a basic school has several key duties including supervising the school, managing value books, keeping and updating school records, and organizing In-Service Education and Training (INSET) for staff.

  • Reasons for GES Policy on Teacher Transfer

The GES policy not to allow teachers to overstay at one station is supported by reasons such as preventing familiarity which breeds contempt, facilitating adjustment to different environments, fostering innovation, and avoiding the temptation to get too involved in community issues.

  • Causes of Low Enrolment in Schools and Solutions

Low enrolment in schools can be caused by poor parental care, poverty, lack of interest from parents or pupils, illiteracy or ignorance among parents, and teachers’ bad attitudes. Addressing these issues involves improving parental involvement, providing financial support, raising awareness about the importance of education, and enhancing teacher professionalism.

  • Differences Between Headteachers and Class Teachers

The head of a basic school differs from a class teacher in that the headteacher administers the entire school, acts as a liaison between the school and the office, chairs staff meetings, implements GES policies, and decentralizes power to the teachers, whereas a class teacher focuses on managing their classroom.

  • PTA or PA Interference with School Administration

PTA or PA activities that can interfere with school administration include dictating the classification of teachers, dictating the headship of the school, and intruding into school administration issues such as demanding to be informed before organizing staff meetings.

  • Areas of School Administration the Community Should Not Supervise

The community should not supervise certain areas of school administration including vetting lesson notes, writing in the log book, and the admission of pupils, as these are professional responsibilities of the school staff.

  • Preference for Private Schools Over Public Schools

Some parents prefer sending their wards to private schools over public schools due to the perception that private schools perform better and the emphasis on rote-learning, particularly in languages like English.

  • Necessity of Access to Formal Education for Every Citizen

It is necessary for every citizen to have access to formal education because it is a human right, serves as the basis for development, and broadens one’s scope of learning, contributing to personal and societal growth.

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