Approval for Upward Adjustment of Monthly Allowances for National Service Personnel

photo on NSS allowance approved adjustment

The government has granted approval to increase the monthly allowances for National Service Personnel from Gh₵ 559.04 to Gh₵ 715.57. This upward adjustment of monthly allowances for National Service Personnel was agreed upon after a series of stakeholder negotiations by the Management of the National Service Scheme, Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, and the Ministry of Finance.

This information was revealed in a letter signed by the Hon. Abena Osei-Asare (MP), the Deputy Minister of Finance, dated 18th July 2023. According to the letter, the government has instructed the Controller and Accountant General to enforce the new allowances, effective January 2023. This implies that the arreas of difference in the increment for the past six months will need to be paid to the service personnel. The government is committed to fulfilling this obligation and paying the difference to them.

It is important to note that the last time the NSS saw an allowance increment was in 2017. This increment was made during the time of former President John Dramani Mahama of the NDC. This has led many National Service Personnel to lament the depreciating value of their allowances over the years.

The Management of the National Service Scheme has remained vigilant and fought consistently to see this new adjustment in the increment for the service personnel allowance.

The government has once again urged the National Service Scheme to exercise patience, as all the administrative processes have begun to pay all the arrears for this new price adjustment.

GH Educate wants to celebrate this good news of allowance adjustment with all National Service Personnel and wishes them well in all their endeavors.

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