2024 BECE Subjects Choice Brouhaha: Be Informed

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The upcoming 2024 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) has stirred a wave of contention among stakeholders in Ghana’s educational system. The BECE is scheduled to take place from Monday, 8th July, 2024, to Friday, 12th July, 2024. The BECE is a crucial examination taken by the third-year students of both public and private Junior High Schools. However, the source of discord revolves around the subjects chosen for the candidates participating in the 2024 BECE, particularly the status of Ghanaian Language as an optional subject.

It is noteworthy that Ghana has recently adopted a new curriculum within its education system. The forthcoming 2024 BECE represents the maiden national examination conducted under this updated curriculum.

What are the subjects that the candidates are going to be tested on in the 2024 BECE?

2024 BECE Test Subjects

Eight Compulsory Common Core Subjects for the Candidates, they are;

  • Social Studies
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Creative Art and Design
  • Career Technology
  • Computing
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English Language

Three Optional Subjects to Choose One from are;

  • Ghanaian Language
  • French
  • Arabic

Information gathered indicated that, at the BECE briefing session organized by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for MMD Directors, Exams Officers, and IT Officers, surprising information surfaced regarding the subjects’ choices for the 2024 BECE. According to the details shared during the session, Ghanaian Language, commonly referred to as L1, is now considered an optional subject. This decision means that schools can opt for any of the 11 official Ghanaian languages (Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme, Ewe, Fante, Ga, Gonja, Kasem, Nzema, Twi – Akuapem & Asante) or choose French and Arabic as alternatives. It was also indicated that candidates can choose a maximum of nine (9) subjects, with a minimum requirement of eight (8) subjects.

What is the Implication for Ghanaian Language as Optional Subject?

The implication of making Ghanaian Language an optional subject has sparked concerns among the participants at the briefing workshop. Directors expressed their surprise and discontent with the decision, highlighting that they were not previously informed about this development. They argued that this choice might not be in the best interest of Ghana as a nation, especially considering that some basic schools have been teaching both Ghanaian Language and French or Arabic for about nine years. The sudden option to choose between these subjects at the completion stage of their education is perceived as a potential source of disappointment and unfair treatment for the candidates.

The sentiment of dissatisfaction extended to the Exams Officers and IT Officers present at the workshop, as they echoed the concerns raised by the MMD Directors. The consensus among the stakeholders is that the decision regarding the subjects’ choices needs swift reconsideration by the Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) at Headquarters. The stakeholders argue that such a significant alteration in subject choices should be addressed urgently, especially given that the registration process for the 2024 BECE is still in its preliminary stages.

The Need for Immediate Action by GES

The call for immediate action by the GES is rooted in the belief that the exclusion of Ghanaian Language as a mandatory subject for the BECE could have detrimental consequences for the nation. Stakeholders argue that discarding one’s own language in favor of foreign languages is not an ideal approach to education. They emphasize the need for a second thought and a prompt redress of this decision to ensure that the educational system aligns with the cultural and linguistic diversity of the nation.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the subjects’ choices for the 2024 BECE, particularly the optional status of the Ghanaian Language, has triggered dissatisfaction among educational stakeholders and needs to be reconsidered quickly for the benefit of the nation.

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  1. J J Rawlings started destroying our Educational system in1987 and no one see
    ms to care about it.And this is the results.More worse things in our educational system is going to happen in the future.

    1. JJ Rawlings never destroyed our educational system. He introduced hands on approach to education than the white collar job we are used to. Practical courses were introduced to develop the skills and talents of children in other to minimize the nation’s dependency on other countries for basic needs.

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