Vote for Vision, Experience, Credibility, and a Proven Track Record: Fifi Kwetey

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Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has posted on his Facebook page, stating, “For Vision, Experience, Credibility, and a Proven Track Record.” His statement was in relation to Ghana’s general elections on December 7, 2024.

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Read the full statement of Fifi Kwetey:

Ghana faces severe economic hardships, high unemployment, and pervasive corruption. The 2024 elections are crucial for our nation’s renewal. His Excellency John Dramani Mahama offers unmatched Vision, Experience, Credibility, and a proven Track Record, promising to lead Ghana towards recovery and prosperity.

For over seven years, Ghanaians have endured hardship under the current administration. Corruption is rampant, and scandals are frequent, desensitizing the public. Leadership paralysis has left the nation in disarray, characterized by extreme corruption, abuse of power, and incompetence.

Amid these challenges, John Mahama and the NDC offer hope. His visionary leadership aims to rescue Ghana, reset our trajectory, and restore progress. Mahama’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusive development sets him apart.

His vision for Ghana includes inclusivity, innovation, and sustainable development. He aims to empower the youth with skills and jobs and root out corruption to restore integrity in governance. His experience as a former president equips him to navigate our current crises. His track record includes infrastructural development, social interventions, and economic policies that once set Ghana on a path of growth.

At this critical juncture, Ghana needs a leader with Vision, Experience, Credibility, and a Proven Track Record. John Mahama embodies these qualities and is uniquely positioned to rescue Ghana from its current challenges. Voting for him is choosing a leader who understands the nation’s pulse, listens to the people, and acts decisively for the collective good. Let us rally behind John Mahama for a brighter future and a new dawn of hope and progress.

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