Official: Ghana and Kenya Collaborate to Improve Travel Experience

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Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has issued a press release announcing on the new development for Ghanaian travelers to Kenya. The letter stated that the new policy takes effect from June 19th, 2024. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the travel experience for Ghanaians.

The press release indicated that the general public should be informed that the Republic of Kenya, in recognition of the existing visa-free regime agreement between the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Ghana, has announced that Ghanaian travelers will now be issued an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) free of charge upon application for travel to Kenya.

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This implies that Ghanaian citizens can now secure an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to Kenya without incurring any fees. This initiative aims to streamline travel procedures and enhance the overall experience for Ghanaian visitors to Kenya.

To benefit from this new arrangement, Ghanaian travelers are advised to apply for their ETA through the official portal at The application process should be completed before their departure to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. This new system is expected to make travel easier for Ghanaians and also encourage more tourism and business travel between the two nations.

The introduction of the fee-free ETA demonstrate the strong diplomatic relations between Ghana and Kenya. It reflects both countries’ commitment to fostering closer ties and facilitating easier movement for their citizens.

The Ghanaian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration will continue to provide updates and support to travelers, ensuring that the implementation of this new policy proceeds smoothly and effectively. This development marks a positive step forward in the travel experiences of Ghanaian citizens and strengthens the ties between Ghana and Kenya.

Ghanaians looking to take advantage of this new development should ensure they apply for their ETA well in advance of their planned travel dates to avoid any last-minute issues.

Apply for your Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) via the link below:

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