Diana Hamilton’s Confession about her Escaped Rape Incident at Ghana National College

a photo of diana hamilton at TV3

The popular Ghanaian gospel artist, Diana Hamilton, has openly confessed about her escape rape incident at Ghana National College – Cape Coast during an interview held on TV3’s New Day show on Tuesday, 16th January, 2024, in Accra.

At the interview, Diana Hamilton was asked to share one of her difficult life stories growing up as an individual. The question took her by surprise. This renowned gospel artist decided to share one of her challenging stories, and here is how the story goes. Get ready for this mind-blowing tale.

The award-winning artist narrated her experience and shared how she survived a rape incident. Surprisingly, she attributed her escape from the attempted rape to divine intervention from God.

According to Diana Hamilton, she faced a series of challenges growing up. In those difficult moments of her life, one particular difficulty that continues to resonate in her ears is the unexpected escape from a rape incident. She mentioned that the incident occurred during an inter-school sports competition. As a Form One student striving to make a mark in the school, she decided to join the group of supporters for her school

It was during the games that her school mother directed her to follow some boys for biscuits. As a faithful daughter and with confidence in her school mother’s instructions, she decided to follow them, only to be surrounded by two unfamiliar boys. One was standing in front, and the other was behind. Hurriedly, one of them opened the door of a car and directed her inside. Gathering courage, she shouted around the Cape Coast Kotokuraba area, where she was saved by another form one girl and eventually supported by the people around.

To her, she thinks her escape from this rape attempt was a divine intervention from God. She spoke about the relevance of trusting and having faith in God for His divine intervention and protection in times of difficulties. The Vodafone award-winning artist continually encourages those in the Christian faith to maintain their confidence and trust in God. She firmly believes that God is able to save and protect His people. She emphasized once again that God has shown her mercy and delivered her in the face of many challenges she has encountered as a person.

The collaboration between Diana Hamilton and Mercy Chinwo

Diana Hamilton revealed this as part of her media tour promoting her latest song ‘The Doing of the Lord,’ featuring Nigerian gospel artist Mercy Chinwo. The collaboration with Mercy Chinwo, known for her powerful vocals and impactful messages, adds an extra layer of depth to the composition. Together, these two powerhouse artists are creating a musical narrative that celebrates faith, hope, and the divine intervention of the Lord.

Diana Hamilton, continuously celebrated for her uplifting and spiritually resonant music, is on a mission to share the inspiration behind “The Doing of the Lord” with audiences far and wide. The media tour encompasses TV appearances, and virtual platforms, radio interviews, allowing fans and enthusiasts to delve into the heart and soul of this musical masterpiece.

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