Business Program in Ghanaian Senior High Schools Gradually Dying Out

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Business, as one of the programs offered in Ghanaian Senior High Schools (SHS) and Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS), is gradually experiencing a reduction in enrollments year after year. This problem surfaced in Ghanaian SHS/SHTS for some years and has persisted to date. GH Educate discussions with some section of teachers and students suggested that the number of students enrolling in the Business Program continues to decline, even in schools with large student enrollments.

The Ultimate Cause of Decline of Business Program in Ghana

Information gathered indicates that students are shunning the Business Program because they are denied access to enter Nursing and Midwifery Institutions in Ghana. This barrier, among other reasons, discourages students from showing interest in the Business Program at the SHS/SHTS level of education.

The future of Ghana might probably be at risk of not producing the required number of business acumen who will occupy various sectors and institutions in the country. Every sector within our economy requires business professionals to fill positions effectively. It is from this standpoint that this write-up is presented. Or is that Ghana is not interested in Business Program? Again, could it also be that the government is reducing the enrollment for Business Program as a national policy?

Organizations and institutions like banks, sports, insurance companies, educational institutions, manufacturing and industrial companies, engineering firms, state governance, among others, all require businessmen and women expert to function effectively and efficiently.

Ghana has historically paid particular attention to disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, relegating Business to a secondary concern within its educational landscape. Could there be a way to making Business Program very attractive with greater opportunities allocated to it?

The decline in enrollment in the Business Program at the SHS/SHTS level may demands immediate attention from all stakeholders involved in Ghana’s education system. Several factors contribute to this decline, including the perception that Business is not as prestigious or promising as other fields like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

However, this perception is deeply flawed. Business education is crucial for the development of a strong and sustainable economy. Business professionals play a vital role in driving innovation, creating jobs, and fostering economic growth.

The Need for General concern on Business Program

Therefore, it is imperative probably to revitalize the Business Program in Ghana’s Pre-Tertiary Education System. This may require concerted efforts from government agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and civil society organizations.

Firstly, there should be the need to raise awareness about the importance of business education and the diverse career opportunities it offers. Students need to understand that studying business can lead to exciting and rewarding careers in a wide range of industries.

Secondly, there must be a way of addressing the barriers that prevent students from pursuing the Business Program, such as limited access to higher education institutions or misconceptions about the field. This may involve revising admission criteria for nursing and midwifery institutions to ensure that students from business backgrounds are not unfairly disadvantaged.

Thirdly, there should be the need to enhance the quality of business education at the SHS/SHTS level to ensure that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the modern business world.

The Possible Solution to the Decline in Business Program

Finally, there should be the need to create more pathways for students to continue their business education at the tertiary level. This may involve expanding scholarship opportunities, establishing partnerships between SHS/SHTS and universities, and promoting the value of higher education in business.

By taking these steps, Business Program could be considered as one of the vibrant and attractive option for students in Ghana’s Pre-Tertiary Education System.

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