What Should We Consider Most: Life or Death? A Must-Read Article

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The subject of life and death has been a very considerable indicator for living. Why do you think life and death matter as long as one is living? Do you consider life as important as death?

Life has a way of favoring some people and dealing harshly with others in terms of comfort, happiness, wealth, etc. While some people enjoy considerable prosperity in life, others suffer woefully. Does this mean those who are enjoying life are special beings? Is it purely their physical efforts that have propelled them forward, or is there something more profound at play? What is really making this difference in life?

Death, on the other hand, has the power to take both the rich and the poor, the young and the old. People could strive to make progress in life and are shockingly taken by death. The poor could cry for it but it will never take him or her, while the rich who are running away from it encounter it and are taken away.

Which of these two variables should we consider, life or death?

The inequality of life experiences can be perplexing. Observing the lives of people around us, we notice that some seem to have everything handed to them effortlessly, while others struggle despite their hard work. This observation leads to debates about the role of luck, fate, and inherent privilege in determining one’s quality of life. The question then arises: What really makes the difference in life?

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As someone deeply concerned with making sense of life, the question to ponder is whether there is a larger cosmic plan or if life is a series of random events that we navigate without any predetermined path. This self-analysis is not unique to any one individual; it is a universal contemplation that has intrigued philosophers, scientists, and ordinary people for centuries.

Death, on the other hand, is the great equalizer. It has the power to take both the rich and the poor, the young and the old. No matter how much progress one makes in life, death can come unexpectedly and take everything away. This inevitability adds a layer of urgency to our existence. People strive to achieve and experience as much as possible, knowing that their time is limited. Yet, death does not discriminate; it can take anyone at any moment. The poor may long for release from their suffering, but death bypasses them, while the wealthy, who might try to evade it, ultimately succumb.

This brings us to the central question: Which of these two variables should we consider more, life or death?

To address this, we need to understand the intrinsic value each holds. Life, despite its challenges and inequalities, is a precious opportunity. It is during our lifetime that we experience joy, love, learning, and growth. Life allows us to make memories, build relationships, and leave a legacy. It is in life that we find purpose and strive to make a difference, no matter how small.

Death, conversely, is not merely an end but a transition. It compels us to reflect on the value of our time and actions. The awareness of death can inspire us to live more fully, appreciating each moment and prioritizing what truly matters. Knowing that our time is finite can motivate us to pursue our dreams, mend broken relationships, and seek personal fulfillment.

Ultimately, considering life and death together can lead to a more balanced perspective. Life is where we create, explore, and connect. Death, with its certainty, reminds us of the preciousness of these experiences. By embracing both, we can find deeper meaning and motivation.

While life and death are contrasting forces, they are intrinsically linked. Life provides the canvas for our actions and experiences, and death frames this canvas, giving it context and urgency. To live fully is to acknowledge both – to cherish our days, pursue our passions, and accept the inevitability of our end. In doing so, we can strive to make our lives meaningful, not just for ourselves but for those we touch along the way.

Live wisely, die in peace!

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