Surgeons of Ghana’s Education, 2 Great Men Leading Ghana’s Educational Transformation

surgeons of education

Its 2nd November, 2023. Today, we have the privilege of celebrating the birthdays of two exceptional individuals who have dedicated their lives to transforming the education landscape in Ghana.

  1. Dr. William Kwame Amankra Appiah, the Ashanti Regional Education Director, and
  2. Dr. Eric Nkansah, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service

Interesting, these two great men share the same birthdate and a common commitment to improving the lives of teachers and students across the nation.

In this post, I pay tribute to these educational visionaries and their enduring impact.

Shaping Education in the Ashanti Region: Dr. William Kwame Amankra Appiah

The Ashanti Regional Education Directorate is led by a BIG and intelligent man. His name? Dr. William Kwame Amankra Appiah.

Dr. Amankra Appiah has been a driving force behind educational reform and progress in the Ashanti Region. As the Regional Education Director, he has championed various wonderful initiatives that have elevated the quality of education and opportunities for students and teachers alike. He wears a lot of notable achievements under his achievement belt.

Dr. Appiah’s leadership and dedication have left an indelible mark on the Ashanti Region’s educational landscape, inspiring countless individuals.

His guiding principle, “Education is the key to unlocking our nation’s potential,” reflects his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of teachers and students across the region.

I would dedicate another post to do a careful detailing of some of his mouth-watering accomplishments in Ghana’s education.

But for now, lets just use the whole of today to join him celebrate his special birthday.

Shaping Education in Ghana: Dr. Eric Nkansah – Director-General, GES

On this same day, we also celebrate the birth of Dr. Eric Nkansah, who has played a pivotal role as the Director General of the Ghana Education Service. Dr. Nkansah’s visionary leadership has led to significant improvements in the education system nationwide. His groundbreaking works have set the standard for educational excellence in Ghana and he deserves a loud celebration on this special day.

Join the Celebration

I invite you to join in the celebration by wishing these two great men; Dr. Appiah and Dr. Nkansah well.

Have they inspired you, your educational journey, or the Ghanaian education system in a way that makes you want to share?

Celebrate their birthdays by acknowledging the lasting impact they’ve had on education in Ghana.

Eeeerrrrrmmmmm, did you ask where the party is………?

Stay tuned………………. (lol, pardon the pun)

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