John-Peter Amewu Welcomes Two Ghanaian Graduate Students from Russia to His Office in Accra

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Hon. John-Peter Amewu, the Minister for Railway Development and the Member of Parliament for Hohoe Constituency, has warmly welcomed two Ghanaian graduate students from Russia to his office in Accra.

Reports indicated that the two students, Bright Kwame Afornu from Wegbe-Hohoe constituency and Michael Nii Sanka Ansah, studied in Russia through the assistance of Hon. John-Peter Amewu. He secured a monthly stipend scholarship from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat to enable them to complete their programs.

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Hon. Peter Amewu stressed that the two students successfully graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University and Ural Federal University. They completed programs in Nuclear Power Installations and Operations for their Master’s degrees, and Nuclear, Thermal, Renewable Energy, and Related Technologies for their Ph.D. degrees.

Hon. Peter Amewu emphasized that these two graduates are part of the five Ph.D. students whom he supported in obtaining funding from the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat while studying in Russia. He expressed pride in their accomplishments and highlighted the significance of their return to Ghana, where they intend to contribute to the country’s nuclear sector with the knowledge and experience they have acquired.

“With discipline, determination, and a can-do spirit, I am confident they will excel back home in Ghana,” Hon. Peter Amewu stated. “Their achievement is a testament to my human capacity development project for my constituents as a Member of Parliament.”

Picture of John Peter-Amewu picture frame

Hon. John-Peter Amewu congratulated the students and thanked them for the photo frame they presented to him as a token of their appreciation. He reiterated his commitment to supporting educational and professional development opportunities for his constituents, emphasizing the long-term benefits of such initiatives for the community and the nation.

The reception of Bright Kwame Afornu and Michael Nii Sanka Ansah marks a significant milestone in Hon. Peter Amewu’s efforts to foster educational advancement and professional growth among the youth in his constituency

Hon. Peter Amewu’s dedication to human capacity development underscores the importance of investing in education as a means to drive national development. The achievements of Bright Kwame Afornu and Michael Nii Sanka Ansah exemplify the potential of Ghanaian students when given the necessary support and opportunities to excel.

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