John Mahama’s Policy Dialogue Meeting with Teacher Unions: Get the Details Here

picture of John Mahama with Teacher Unions in a Meeting

Former President of Ghana and National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, John Mahama, engaged in a crucial policy dialogue with Teacher Unions at the NAGRAT Head Office in Accra. This meeting served as a platform for representatives of the Teacher Unions to engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas with Mr. Mahama, aimed at shaping and diversifying the impending NDC manifesto.

Herein lies a comprehensive overview of the key discussions and proposals put forth during this significant encounter:

Mr. John Dramani Mahama’s address was clear on need for educational reform within the first 100 days of his presumptive tenure, highlighting the indispensable role of teachers in driving national policy reform agenda. In the area of linguistic inclusivity, he outlined plans to elevate local languages to the forefront by advocating for ‘first language’ instruction from Kindergarten to Basic 3. Moreover, he emphasized to bolstering teacher training programs in major local dialects, thereby fostering a conducive environment for teaching and learning at the foundational levels.

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Mr. Mahama pledged to champion a culture of reading among students, particularly at the elementary level. Concrete steps proposed include the construction of additional libraries and the restoration of textbook provisions across all basic schools. Ensuring the prompt disbursement of the capitation grant to education directorates and schools emerged as a top priority, alongside the elimination of constraints such as capping and collateralization within the GETFUND framework. Additionally, the revival of the free sanitary pad distribution policy was underscored as an essential facet of the broader education agenda.

Recognizing the critical role of infrastructure in educational quality enhancement, Mr. Mahama articulated plans to rejuvenate abandoned Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Ghana and E-blocks. This strategic initiative seeks to alleviate overcrowding in schools while concurrently augmenting the standard of education delivery.

With respect to issues relating to the reevaluation and enhancement of the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy, Mr. Mahama expressed a firm commitment to resolving associated challenges and mainstreaming Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines across all secondary schools.

These outlined proposals represent just a glimpse of the enriching dialogue that transpired during the session. Mr. Mahama reiterated his unwavering dedication to collaborating with Teacher Unions and other stakeholders in devising effective policies for the education sector. Together, he affirmed, we possess the capacity to cultivate a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape, thus ensuring a brighter future for the nation’s progeny.

Mr. Mahama extended heartfelt appreciation to all participating Teacher Unions for their invaluable contributions and insights. Together, we can build a better and more inclusive education system for our children and the future of our nation, stated by Mahama.

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